Harbortouch POS System Review

Let’s be honest… The minute you put your information on the internet for a new POS system you are instantly solicited by every POS Company in existence. They all have so many different features and a price that is so high you don’t even want to open your next offer email.

This is where Harbortouch POS differentiates it’s self from the rest! It’s completely FREE! “How is this possible”, you may ask. Simple. You pay a monthly fee. It’s about $70 a month per terminal. Now that you know the catch you are going to do some math.

A normal terminal is about $2,500 upfront just for the system. Install costs extra as well as training and customer support. Wait there is more. Every time you have to update your system to be PCI compliant you are going to be hit with more major fees!

The Harbortouch POS System!

Harbortouch POS program you pay $70 a month per terminal and you get free upgrades for life as long as you continue to pay the $70 a month cost. You also get 24/7 customer support, free installation/ training and you also get a POS system that actually can INCREASE your revenue!

Let’s go into the detail about the hardware.

  • Sleek sharp design that appeals to the eye!

Most POS Systems are very ugly and bulky and you hide them in the back away from your customer.

  • 15” touchscreen display

It is big and easy to see!

  • Advanced processor for fast performance and longevity of use!

Everyday your business may do over 300 transactions. If you’re a bar you need a fast system that can keep up! Harbortouch is ready to take on the task.


  • Industry Specific software

Doesn’t matter if your retail, restaurant or spa, Harbortouch has a solution for you.

  • Cloud based reporting

Access your reports from anywhere! You no longer need to go to your business to access reporting. Find out in real time from anywhere!


  • 30 day risk free trail

You can try the machine for free at no risk! What is better than that?

  • Jon Taffer of the hit TV show Bar Rescue sponsors the system.

On every new episode of Bar Rescue, they highlight the POS System! Your system is famous and endorsed by the best in the industry.

These are just some of the amazing features of this system.

Now that we got positives out of the way let’s talk negatives. With every review there has to be some negatives. We are not biased in anyway. Every machine has its perks and every machine has negatives.

  1. Harbortouch is known for high merchant services rates. THERE IS A WAY AROUND THIS!!!! A big way to bypass these rates is to go to a third party ISO of harbortouch. They sell Harbortouch products however, the rates are lower. This is because they have the ability to lower interchange costs and work with the processor on pricing rather than give a flat rate per line item. Progressive Payment Solutions can set you up with these low rates!
  2. Customer support although 24/7, has a long wait time. Usually 15-20 minutes. Harbortouch apparently is working to lower this time however for the next few months you can expect to wait on hold.
  3. Jon Taffer partnership! Why is this a negative? This is actually a big positive however, the revenue increasing software that they are working on is not out yet! It is expected to launch February 2018. Very soon!


We hope this review helps you with your buying decision. For any questions regarding Harbortouch or any other machine like Clover, NCR, or Square, give us a call. We are more than happy to assist.

Progressive Payment Solutions

Jon Taffer with the Harbortouch POS System
Harbortouch POS System featured on Bar Rescue!