Why People Debate Upgrading To A Full POS System

When people decide if they want to upgrade to a full POS system it is not an overnight decision. They take many things into consideration. They also forget many things. It is very frustrating to work with people who are not willing to work through a long process like upgrading their system. It takes many hours of hard work and dedication to get it programmed properly for their business.

The Harbortouch POS System!

The most important factor that keeps people away from upgrading is cost. Cost of these systems can range a tremendous amount. On average the cost of a full blown POS system can be $2,000 per machine. This will instantly make people feel uncomfortable especially if they are a smaller business. Great news! There are ways around this cost. A few different industries and processors now offer free placement. This means that you can get your POS system in place at no cost and just pay monthly until you own it outright.



Another factor that keeps people from upgrading is time. Some people think that they can buy a POS system, have it installed, and everything magically will work. This is not the case. It takes weeks of planning and programming to get the most out of these machines. If you are not willing to take the time to sit down with a programmer and have the machine customized for your business, then a POS system is not for you. Why wouldn’t you take the time though? It’s your machine and you are paying for it. Might as well make it perfect for you and your business. I have seen a lot of cancellation orders because people are unwilling to take the time to make sure the machine is programmed to maximize its potential.

Clover POS System
Clover POS from First Data

Lastly, people are afraid of change. It is not always easy to fully change your way of doing things. If you have a small swipe terminal and your employees are used to keying things in, it is not always easy to train them. Many of these POS systems are easy to use however, they can take a few hours of training. Older employees are not as easily trained as younger ones. Each person is different and can take a bit longer to train.



If you are interested in a POS System for your business feel free to give us a call. We will go through many different options with you, including the free placement program!

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